Humble Beginnings

The original ideas behind bubbled to the surface almost three years ago and, like many future success stories, this one was born out of need and opportunity...

Founders James & Anthony had already worked together for eight years by this point, from working at nightclubs together in security to running the logistics of Savysec security services that James began over a decade ago. James has been a full time business owner for more than 10 years, and for a long time Anthony lent his expertise to the company whilst also working for one of the biggest retailers in the world today, Costco Wholesale. It was during this period that the seeds for BulkBuyDirect were sown. Friends and family would ask Anthony to shop on their behalf for items that could only be found at the wholesalers and he would drop them off on his way home after work. 

Over the next couple of years the idea of providing a delivery service to people who might not otherwise have access to the benefits of buying from a wholesaler was picked up by the two, examined, refined, and then put down again as they took on other challenges. Both were convinced the opportunity existed to provide high quality products, at competitive prices, to households and retailers alike, all built on a foundation of top notch customer service. Despite the distractions of running a successful business, BulkBuyDirect was an idea that refused to go away.

The 'need' arrived in early 2020 as the world adjusted to a global threat not previously seen in our lifetimes. James & Anthony watched on with the rest of the world as 'normal' was ripped up and redefined to save lives in the wake of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Suddenly basic supplies were impossible to find as panic buying took hold; impossible that is unless you had access to the wholesalers. Anthony was able to buy and deliver countless essential items to friends and family who would otherwise have gone without. These deliveries allowed the most vulnerable to stay at home without fear of running out of the essentials, and the pack sizes of the 'bulk' products kept shopping trips to a minimum as we all stayed in to save lives and protect our NHS. As the first lockdown was eased and we all collectively drew breath. James brought on new people for Anthony to deliver to and started work on the back end of the business, streamlining to processes. Our founders realised that what had been just an idea for so long, needed now to become a reality. Not for profit, but to obtain work on their own terms and value to their friends, family and now new outside customers.

As Covid-19 continued to wreak havoc on our daily lives, James & Anthony refined and polished their brainchild. Months of Beta testing and innovation followed to create Friends and family were again drafted in as part of a 'soft launch' as systems were tested and standards set. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive and attention turned to our product range. James & Anthony spent, (and continue to spend), hours searching for the right products at the right prices to add to our range. Always focusing on quality and service. Finally, it was time to raise the curtain and introduce to the public.

BulkBuyDirect is an exciting, innovative solution to the needs of a modern world. Born in calmer times but brought to light during one of the most challenging years in modern memory, BulkBuyDirect exists first and foremost to benefit its customers. Ambitious plans exist to fund and support local community projects, to provide opportunities for employment to locals who's drive and motivation match our own, and to create a truly ethically and environmentally responsible business that will serve its customers needs for years to come.