Highland Spring Pear Elderflower 330ml (Pack of 12)

Highland Spring Pear Elderflower 330ml (Pack of 12)

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Product Description

Indulge in the delightful taste of Highland Spring Pear Elderflower, now available in a convenient pack of 12 330ml bottles. Perfect for on-the-go refreshment, whether you're at home, at work, or enjoying outdoor activities. Highland Spring water is sourced from the pristine Ochil Hills in Scotland, and this blend combines the crispness of pear with the floral notes of elderflower for a unique and refreshing beverage experience.

Key Features

  • Refreshing Pear Elderflower Blend: Enjoy the crisp and fruity taste of pear combined with the delicate floral notes of elderflower.
  • Pure Highland Spring Water: Sourced from the Ochil Hills in Scotland, known for its purity and natural mineral content.
  • Convenient 330ml Bottles: Perfect for carrying in your bag, backpack, or lunchbox, ensuring you stay hydrated wherever you go.
  • Pack of 12: Provides a generous supply of refreshing drinks for personal consumption or sharing with family and friends.
  • Natural and Hydrating: Highland Spring water is naturally filtered through layers of basalt rock, resulting in a crisp and clean taste.

Why Choose Highland Spring Pear Elderflower?

Highland Spring Pear Elderflower offers a unique and refreshing twist on traditional bottled water, combining the natural goodness of Highland Spring water with the fruity sweetness of pear and the subtle floral aroma of elderflower. Perfect for those who seek a refreshing and uplifting beverage, this pack of 12 ensures you always have a delicious drink option at hand.

Benefits of Highland Spring Pear Elderflower

  1. Unique Flavour Combination: Pear and elderflower create a refreshing and delightful taste experience.
  2. Natural Ingredients: Made with pure Highland Spring water and natural fruit and flower extracts.
  3. Convenient Packaging: Portable 330ml bottles are perfect for on-the-go hydration.
  4. Trusted Brand: Highland Spring is renowned for its commitment to quality and sustainability.

Order Your Pack Today!

Elevate your hydration experience with Highland Spring Pear Elderflower. Order your pack of 12 330ml bottles today and enjoy the crisp and refreshing taste of Scottish spring water infused with pear and elderflower flavours. Perfect for any occasion, Highland Spring ensures you stay hydrated and satisfied wherever you go.

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