Capri Sun Orange Juice Drink - 15 x 330ml Pack: Zesty Refreshment On-the-Go

Capri Sun Orange Juice Drink - 15 x 330ml Pack: Zesty Refreshment On-the-Go

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Product Description

Quench your thirst with the vibrant and zesty Capri Sun Orange Juice Drink. This pack features 15 pouches, each filled with 330ml of pure orange goodness. Convenient, delicious, and perfect for any occasion, this pack ensures you have refreshing citrus hydration wherever life takes you.

Product Description:

Capri Sun Orange Juice Drink is not your ordinary juice – it's a burst of sunshine in every sip. With this pack of 15 x 330ml pouches, you can enjoy the invigorating taste of freshly squeezed oranges anytime, anywhere. Packed with vitamin C and free from artificial colours or preservatives, it's the ideal choice for a revitalising beverage.

Key Features:

  • Pure Orange Goodness: Enjoy the natural and zesty taste of real oranges.
  • 15 x 330ml Pouches: A generous supply for daily refreshment or sharing with friends.
  • On-the-Go Hydration: Convenient pouches for a quick and revitalising drink anywhere.
  • Vitamin C Boost: Each sip contributes to your daily vitamin C intake.


  • Zesty Refreshment: An instant pick-me-up with the invigorating flavour of orange.
  • Portable Convenience: Easy to carry for lunches, picnics, workouts, or whenever you need a boost.
  • Healthier Choice: Free from artificial additives for a wholesome and enjoyable drink.
  • Kid-Friendly: The colourful pouches make it a favourite among kids and adults alike.

Why Choose Capri Sun Orange Juice Drink?

  • Trusted Brand: Capri Sun is a globally recognized brand known for quality and taste.
  • Real Fruit Goodness: Experience the authenticity of real oranges in every sip.
  • Resealable Pouches: Enjoy flexibility in consumption with the convenience of resealable pouches.

How to Enjoy:

Chill, shake, and sip the goodness. Capri Sun Orange Juice Drink is perfect straight from the fridge or over ice. Ideal for lunchboxes, outdoor activities, or as a refreshing break during the day.

Customer Reviews:

Discover what others love about Capri Sun Orange Juice Drink:

"The perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess. These pouches are a lifesaver during busy days."

"My kids love the taste, and I love that it's a healthier option without sacrificing flavour. A staple in our house!"

Capri Sun Orange Juice Drink, in a pack of 15 x 330ml, brings the citrus sunshine to your daily hydration. Order now and experience the pure delight of zesty orange refreshment whenever and wherever you please.


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