Pedigree Dentastix for Medium Dogs - 56 Pack: Daily Oral Care for Healthy Smiles

Pedigree Dentastix for Medium Dogs - 56 Pack: Daily Oral Care for Healthy Smiles

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Product Description

Keep Your Dog's Smile Bright and Healthy with Pedigree Dentastix

Product Overview:

Introducing Pedigree Dentastix Daily Oral Care, specially designed for medium dogs. Our 56-pack ensures a continuous supply of dental treats that not only taste great but also promote oral health for your furry friend.

Key Features:

  • Oral Care Benefits:
  • Clinically proven to reduce plaque and tartar buildup, promoting healthier gums and fresher breath with daily use.
  • Texture and Flavor:
  • The unique X-shape design and delicious chicken flavour make Dentastix a tasty treat that also provides a thorough clean as your dog chews.
  • Designed for Medium Dogs:
  • Tailored to meet the oral care needs of medium-sized dogs, these Dentastix are perfect for dogs weighing between 25-50 pounds.
  • Dental Care Routine:

  • Daily Treat:
  • Offer one Dentastix per day to support your dog's oral health routine.
  • Supervision:
  • Monitor your dog while they enjoy Dentastix to ensure safe consumption.
  • Why Choose Pedigree Dentastix:

  • Trusted Brand: Pedigree is a leading name in pet care, known for providing quality nutrition and dental care products for dogs.
  • Dentist Approved: Dentastix is recommended by veterinarians for its effective oral care benefits.
  • Happy Dogs, Happy Owners: Keep your dog's teeth healthy and your pup happy with the tasty Dentastix daily routine.
  • Customer Reviews:

    "My dog loves Dentastix, and I love how it keeps his breath fresh and teeth clean. A win-win!" 

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: Can Dentastix replace regular brushing?

    A: While Dentastix is a valuable part of oral care, regular brushing is still recommended for comprehensive dental health.

    Q: Are Dentastix suitable for all breeds?

    A: Yes, Dentastix is suitable for all breeds, with specific variants designed for different sizes.

    Buy with Confidence:

    Prioritise your dog's dental health with Pedigree Dentastix. Order the 56-pack now to ensure your medium-sized dog enjoys daily oral care with every delicious bite.

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