Redex Fuel System Cleaner - 500ml, 4 Pack: Optimise Performance for Petrol and Diesel Cars

Redex Fuel System Cleaner - 500ml, 4 Pack: Optimise Performance for Petrol and Diesel Cars

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Product Description

Unleash the full potential of your petrol or diesel car with Redex Fuel System Cleaner. This 4-pack of 500ml bottles is engineered to effectively clean and optimize your vehicle's fuel system, promoting better fuel efficiency and overall engine performance.

Key Features:

  • Universal Application:
    • Suitable for both petrol and diesel engines, Redex Fuel System Cleaner is a versatile solution for various vehicles.
  • Powerful Cleaning Formula:
    • The advanced formula targets and removes deposits from injectors, valves, and the entire fuel system, restoring optimal engine function.
  • Economical 4-Pack:
    • This pack includes four 500ml bottles, offering an economical solution to keep your fuel system clean over multiple applications.


  • Enhanced Fuel Efficiency: Redex Fuel System Cleaner improves combustion efficiency, leading to better fuel mileage.
  • Reduced Emissions: By removing carbon deposits, this cleaner contributes to lower emissions, supporting environmental sustainability.

Usage Guidelines:

  • Add to Fuel Tank:
    • Pour one bottle of Redex Fuel System Cleaner into a nearly empty fuel tank before refuelling.
  • Refuel:
    • Fill up your tank with fuel after adding the cleaner to ensure proper mixing.
  • Drive as Usual:
    • Drive your vehicle as usual, allowing the cleaner to work through the system.

Customer Reviews:

"Redex Fuel System Cleaner is my go-to solution for maintaining my car's performance. I've noticed a significant improvement in fuel efficiency, and my engine runs smoother than ever." 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How often should I use Redex Fuel System Cleaner?

A: For optimal results, use Redex Fuel System Cleaner every 3,000 to 4,000 miles or as recommended by your vehicle's manufacturer.

Q: Is it compatible with all car models?

A: Yes, Redex Fuel System Cleaner is suitable for use in all petrol and diesel car models.

Buy with Confidence:

Maximise your engine's potential with Redex Fuel System Cleaner - 500ml, 4 Pack. Experience the benefits of a clean fuel system, from improved fuel efficiency to reduced emissions. Order now and give your car the care it deserves.

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