SIS Science In Sport GO Electrolyte 1.6kg - Refreshing Lemon and Lime Flavour

SIS Science In Sport GO Electrolyte 1.6kg - Refreshing Lemon and Lime Flavour

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Product Description

Introducing SIS Science-In-Sport GO Electrolyte, your go-to solution for superior hydration and sustained energy during demanding workouts. Packed with essential electrolytes and featuring the invigorating Lemon and Lime flavour, this 1.6kg tub is your secret weapon for peak performance and rapid recovery.

Optimal Electrolyte Blend: SIS GO Electrolyte is formulated with a precise blend of sodium, potassium, and magnesium to replenish electrolytes lost during exercise. Maintain optimal hydration levels and combat muscle cramps for sustained performance.

  1. Lemon and Lime Zest: Enjoy a burst of refreshing citrus flavour with every serving. The Lemon and Lime combination not only quenches your thirst but adds a delightful twist to your hydration routine, making it easier to meet your fluid intake goals.

  2. Enhanced Endurance: This electrolyte blend is engineered to provide a rapid source of energy, promoting endurance and delaying fatigue. Keep pushing your limits and maintain peak performance throughout your training sessions.

  3. Fast-Acting Hydration: The unique formula of SIS GO Electrolyte ensures fast absorption, delivering the hydration your body needs when it matters most. Stay ahead of dehydration and perform at your best.

  4. Convenient 1.6kg Tub: With a generous 1.6kg size, this tub ensures a lasting supply of SIS GO Electrolyte, making it convenient for regular use and supporting your hydration goals.

Why Choose SIS GO Electrolyte:

  • Optimal electrolyte blend for rapid hydration.
  • Refreshing Lemon and Lime flavour for an enjoyable experience.
  • Enhanced endurance and delayed fatigue during workouts.
  • Fast-acting formula for quick absorption.
  • Convenient 1.6kg tub for long-lasting supply.

Stay ahead of the game with SIS Science In Sport GO Electrolyte in Lemon and Lime flavour. Order now and take your hydration and performance to new heights.

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