Twix Xtra Chocolate Biscuit, 24 x 75g

Twix Xtra Chocolate Biscuit, 24 x 75g

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Product Description

Indulge in Twix Xtra Chocolate Biscuit bars, each featuring a delicious combination of crispy biscuit, smooth caramel, and rich milk chocolate coating. Each bar weighs 75g, providing a substantial treat for satisfying your sweet cravings or sharing with friends and family. This bulk pack ensures you're well-prepared for moments of indulgence.

Key Features

  • Chocolate Biscuit: Enjoy the classic combination of crispy biscuit covered with creamy milk chocolate.
  • Generous Size: Each bar weighs 75g, offering a satisfying snack or treat.
  • Bulk Pack: Contains 24 bars, perfect for stocking up your pantry, office, or events.
  • Deliciously Sweet: Offers a satisfying and indulgent taste experience.

Why Choose Twix Xtra Chocolate Biscuit Bars?

Choosing Twix Xtra Chocolate Biscuit bars means treating yourself to a timeless favourite. With its crunchy biscuit, chewy caramel, and rich milk chocolate, it delivers a delightful taste sensation that's perfect for any occasion.

How to Enjoy

  • As a Snack: Ideal for a quick indulgence during breaks or as a dessert.
  • With Others: Share the deliciousness with friends and family.
  • Anytime Treat: Enjoy whenever you crave a satisfying blend of chocolate, caramel, and biscuit.

Order Now

Experience the delicious taste of Twix Xtra Chocolate Biscuit bars with our bulk pack of 24 bars. Order now and enjoy every moment of crispy biscuit, caramel, and rich milk chocolate goodness!


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