Werther's Original 1kg: Irresistible Butterscotch Indulgence

Werther's Original 1kg: Irresistible Butterscotch Indulgence

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  • Irresistible Butterscotch Indulgence
  • Convenient Bulk Pack
  • Perfect for Sharing and Gifting
  • Weight: 1kg
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Product Description

Introducing Werther's Original 1kg, where the classic butterscotch goodness meets a generous bulk pack for endless indulgence. Immerse yourself in the smooth and creamy taste of Werther's Original, individually wrapped for a convenient and delightful treat. Whether you're sharing the sweetness with loved ones, gifting a taste of tradition, or simply treating yourself, this 1kg pack guarantees a delightful stash of Werther's butterscotch candies for every sweet occasion.

  1. Irresistible Butterscotch Indulgence: Werther's Original 1kg offers an irresistible indulgence with its smooth and creamy butterscotch flavour, delivering sweetness in every bite.

  2. Convenient Bulk Pack: This pack contains 1kg of individually wrapped candies, ensuring you are well-prepared for various occasions and sweet cravings.

  3. Perfect for Sharing and Gifting: Share the butterscotch joy with friends or gift the classic taste of Werther's Original, perfect for birthdays, holidays, or any sweet celebration.

  4. Individually Wrapped for Freshness: Each candy is individually wrapped to preserve freshness, making it easy for on-the-go enjoyment or portioned snacking.

  5. Elevate Your Sweet Moments: Elevate your sweet moments with Werther's Original, a timeless treat loved for its rich butterscotch flavour and smooth texture.

Why Choose Werther's Original 1kg:

  • Irresistible butterscotch indulgence in every candy.
  • Convenient bulk pack with 1kg of individually wrapped candies.
  • Perfect for sharing, gifting, or satisfying your sweet cravings.
  • Individually wrapped for freshness and on-the-go enjoyment.

Immerse yourself in the rich and indulgent world of Werther's Original 1kg. Order now and enjoy the classic butterscotch delight in every sweet bite.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many Werther's Original candies are included in the 1kg pack?

  • The 1kg pack of Werther's Original contains approximately 240 individually wrapped candies, making it ideal for sharing or enjoying over an extended period.

2. What is the shelf life of Werther's Original candies?

  • Werther's Original candies typically have a long shelf life, often lasting up to 12 months when stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture.

3. Are Werther's Original candies suitable for vegetarians?

  • Yes, Werther's Original candies are suitable for vegetarians as they do not contain any meat or animal-derived ingredients. However, they do contain dairy products.

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